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Institute Rules And Regulations

Institute Of Hotel Management Gurdaspur (PB.)

Institute Rules And Regulations

1. The uniforms and protective clothing have to be purchased by all B.Sc. In H&;HA students. The sample uniforms of approved colour and material are displayed in housekeeping department of the Institute.

2. Students can purchase uniforms from any source subject to the approval of colour, design and specifications.

3. All students are required to come in proper uniform in the Institute for practical classes.

4. All students during the Institute hours must wear the name badge.

5. All students must carry shoulder bags & I/Card while coming to the Institute. Polythene bags will not be permitted.

6. Mobile phones with camera are strictly prohibited in the campus and is liable to be confiscated. Students may keep mobile phones without camera which must remain switched off during working hours of the college.

7. Male students shall have properly trimmed hair, whereas students wearing turbans should tie their beard with fixo or gel (net preferred). All girl students must tie a bun and those keeping their hair short, hair band is a must.

8. Minimum attendance required is 75% aggregate and 40% in individual subject to be eligible to appear in semester end exam.

9. All the students are expected to be inside the campus by 8:45 am on every working day. The timings of the Institute are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (Monday to Friday).

10. Lunch will be provided to all the students on the working days. Timing is 1:15 pm to 2:15 pm.

11. Hostel inmates must maintain a minimum of 70% physical attendance at any point of the session. Failing to do so they lose rights to stay in the hostel & must vacate hostel on 24 hours notice.

12. Before seeking a leave, the parent should inform the college by sending a Fax/email to warden duly signed by them/sent from the email id declared at the time of admission, after which the leave will be sanctioned. The Signature of the parent will be crosschecked with the original taken at the time of the Admission.

13. The student should always carry the Identity card & present it, when asked for.

14. Photocopy of valid driving license must be submitted to the Academic office before keeping/driving a vehicle. Helmet is compulsory.

15. Students are required to take proper care of the Institute’s property & keep the premises neat & tidy in order to inculcate right attitude towards the profession.

16. During the institute hours, it would be compulsory to communicate in English language.

17. Please contact the Class teacher / hostel warden /any other faculty member for any issue of dispute or problem.

18. Please ensure that, in order to maintain discipline of the institute no outside involvement will be encouraged.

19. Institute is a no smoking zone. Anyone found smoking will be penalized.

20. Use of college canteen is permitted only in break time or non working hours of Institute.

21. Student must refer academic notice board (at the back entrance) for an update of all students related or relevant matters.

22. Students must behave in a disciplined and respectful way in their general conduct, while interacting with each other and staffs. Indisciplined, disrespectful conduct shall attract disciplinary action.

23. No student will indulge/ participate in any individual or group leading to a brawl/ fight within the college premises in what-so- ever circumstances/ situation. Students involved in such cases are liable for strict disciplinary action and may be recommended for expulsion from institute and/or hostel (for hostellers), in that event the decision of the Principal of the Institute shall be considered as final and the students who are found indulged in any such undesirable activities shall be bound by the orders of the Principal.


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